The Tip in Club is the booster club for the basketball program at MHS. 


Our goal is to provide support to the basketball coaches and players so we can build a championship program.  Among other things, our support includes the following:


  • Provide funds for ancillary coaching staff, coaching aids and equipment
  • Assist with the organization and subsidize off-season player skill development activities
  • Organize charitable/public service activities on behalf of the program
  • Organize and execute on fund raising activities
  • Sponsor team dinners for players to build team chemistry
  • Work with the Madison youth basketball program (Madison Basketball Association) to support both organizations’ missions for developing basketball skills, improving the town’s basketball culture and promoting cross organization support
  • Arrange “senior day” celebration for players at last home game of season
  • Organize and sponsor the post-season Madison High School Basketball Banquet
  • Publish Madison Basketball yearbook for players and purchase player appreciation gifts for coaches
  • Communicate with players, parents and fans to provide program information 


Current Board Members:

  • Sherry Hanson               sherrydhanson@hotmail.com
  • Bill Mulcahy                   billmulcahy1@hotmail.com
  • Stacey Edwards             stacia32@gmail.com
  • Robin Gould                  robingoud@ymail.com
  • Danielle Saurer              danielle_saurer@skillsoft.com
  • Sharad Gupta                sharad.gupta4@verizon.net


Anyone who is interested in becoming a Board Member or simply volunteering, please contact Sherry Hanson.